DEUZ, time to play!



The hope and aim of Deuz is to create games and decorative objects that enliven the imaginations of children aged 0-10 through energetic colors and designs. However, Deuz also believes it has a responsibility to choose the best materials for our little ones and for the planet (certified organic cotton, printing with natural inks, etc).
At its core, Deuz comprises of sisters Marie and Charlotte, who put their life and soul into their products.
Charlotte, 38, is the finance director and intrepid globetrotter. She has previously followed her calculator to New York, London and Mexico for Louis Vuitton as well as for pleasure. Today, she is found passionately following up leads for printers and workshops in India and elsewhere for Deuz.
Marie, 40, is a graphic designer and mother to Jules and Lou. Nicknamed Miss Pantone Pencil and trained at the art school of Strasbourg, it’s Marie who brings her colorful and energetic design to the products.
And then there is Elsa, trained at the Boulle school, who brings her sharp eye, support and quiet strength to the table.

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