About Us - Cow Makes MOO - Eco Friendly Kids Store




I am Betty and I am the founder and the owner of the online kids boutique "Cow Makes MOO".

I am a Social Worker and mom of Joy.

Cow Makes MOO is an online kids boutique with things from all over the world. 

When I was looking for an outfit for my Joy, that was both ecofriendly and stylish, I had a very hard time finding what I really wanted.

And that is how it started!

I have found many brands and not only for clothes, but all the things that a child might need from birth. 

But I could not keep it  a secret! 

So, I creative Cow Makes MOO 

where customers could be sure that all the items in the shop are made by companies with good workplace conditions, and where people know that all the items are stylish and ecofriendly. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


I wish you an enjoyable shopping experience!